An extremely fast, accurate and versatile rice quality analysis system based on
physical characteristics of rice grain

(Rice quality analysis system)

MICRON is a rice quality analysis software, mainly used to analyse physical characteristics of rice grain like length, thickness, whiteness index, color components, broken check to ascertain its quality. Micron Rice labs has been serving industry through the most innovative solutions for rice industry.


  • Micron can count no. of grains in rice sample
  • Micron provides separate desktop interface for Lab and web interface for management to view scan reports on computer, tab or mobile screen.
  • Micron has 100% accuracy in measurement of minimum, maximum, average length and thickness of a rice grain sample.
  • Micron can find accurate average length of rice with broken grains and without broken grains.
  • Micron gives fully accurate whiteness index(Kett Value) calculation for rice sample .
  • Micron can perform processing whiteness index for semi-processed(without sortex) rice.
  • Micron gives Separate demonstration of broken grains.
  • Micron also performs accurate calculation of broken percentage by weight.
  • Micron has facility to perform filtered scans(scan grains which belong to a particular range).
  • Micron has the ability to identify chalky(>70%) grains.
  • Micron gives you separate calculation of Wand, Second Wand, Tibar, Dobar, Mongra grains by count and percentage.
  • Micron provides detailed display of individual rice grain characteristics.
  • Micron has display of scanned image with zoom to scan individual rice.
  • Micron has capability to scan big samples with ability to merge scans.
  • Micron has ability to merge different scans to create a darha(Merged result) of different rice types.
  • Micron gives instant export report to pdf format facility to share the results through mobile or email.
  • Micron gives unlimited storage and retreival of scan reports from past.


  • Grain procurement agencies(like FCI)
  • Rice Mills
  • Rice exporters/importers/traders/brokers
  • Research laboratories
  • Food Quality control laboratories
  • NBFCs and banks who provide fundings on rice stocks.